Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Back to reality - no baby in my belly.

So now we're back. The memories of the trip are fading. along with our tans, as we settle back into the rat race, bustling to get onto the train, every man for himself. Thoughts of temples are replaced with targets, ancient ruins are replaced by rotas. Oh we're back to reality, alright.
It felt almost surreal to be seated in our doctors surgery once more, early on Monday morning, having returned from Thailand only a few hours earlier. The surgery was full of sickly, coughing people, far removed from the sunkissed, laughing children we'd left behind in Bangkok.
The doctor complimented us on our tans.Oh God, I thought, will he say if we can afford to go travelling we can afford to pay for own own fertilty treatment.I was all ready to whip out the credit card bills and demonstrate just how impossible it would be to fund treatment too, when he gave a braod smile and said he would approve funding for 3 attempts at IVF. I could have kissed him. Any grumbles about the NHS were quickly forgotten as he produced his notebook and promised to send a fax to the specialist that had done my recent operation (to remove my fallopian tubes) and who would become my IVF consultant...

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